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Layla - The Apartment Ambassador

Layla - The Apartment Ambassador

Name: Layla

Breed: Golden Retriever x Labrador Retriever

Age: 3

When I used to live in Vancouver Layla became a star of my apartment.  On hot days when I was at work, my dog walker would open the sliding door to our little balcony.  As you can see from the photo, this balcony was just the perfect fit for sweet Layla...  It also so happened to be 1 floor up from the back entrance.

Taking her for walks before/after work and on weekends I started getting tons of comments from other residents in our apartment.  Layla was hanging out back there most of the day & greeting people with a wagging tail.  “I KNOW THAT DOG!” or “IT’S THE GOLDEN!” became normal to hear.

Layla even began “fishing” by throwing down toys and balls to people coming in/out of the building to try and play.  

-Alex J. (from Painted Buddies)



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Comments 5
  • @dogzzdotcom

    What a super star! she looks like a really happy girl! I also see that her birthday is coming up… pretty exciting! Happy Birthday
    On another note I am loving all your photo work!

  • Outlaw

    What a beautiful pooch!

  • Aleta Gregg
    Aleta Gregg

    Kayla is such a sweetheart. She sure knows how to get attention. One smart cookie!????

  • Val

    Layla is so cute and it’s so cute how she interacts with others! @rileyandmuffy

  • Sadie

    That is so cute how she interacts with others she seems so kind and joyful!
    Insta- @nila_the_doodle

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