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Painted Buddies Oktoberfest

Painted Buddies Oktoberfest

Welcome to our first Oktoberfest!

We’re super excited for this contest!!  Here are the full rules/details:

Oct 5th - Oct 12 is the sign up period.  

We will choose accounts based on who we think has a great photo, who is active on IG and is enthusiastic.

1st Round:  

-30 chosen accounts will receive a standard edit.

-We will post the edits in groups of 6 and have everyone’s friends/followers vote!  

-Posts will be from Monday to Friday (Oct. 16th to Oct. 20th).  

-Votes will be tallied on Oct. 22nd

-Everyone in the 1st round will receive 15% discount codes (valid 3 months)

2nd Round:

-6 accounts from the first round move on.  These will be the 5 group winners and 1 “wildcard” who had the top # votes of any 2nd place account.

-All accounts in 2nd round will receive a premium edit of their choosing.  Custom background or double exposure.

-A post with all 6 edits will be voted on (posted on Oct 24th)

-Votes will be tallied on Oct. 27th

-Everyone in the 2nd round will receive 20% discount codes (valid 3 months)

3 winners will be chosen based on votes!  Prizes below:

1st Place*

-18” by 18” adjustable strap tote

-Bonus of 1 canvas ornaments to give away to your followers as a thank you

-25% store discount code (valid 3 months)

2nd Place*

-Custom cellphone case + new premium edit to fit it properly

-25% store discount code (valid 3 months)

3rd Place

-Canvas ornaments (x2)

-25% store discount code (valid 3 months)

*Any prizes can be substituted for less/equal value products.  

*Cellphone case subject to availability, but we have most smartphone cases.

International competition.

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