How It Works

The process all starts with your purchase:

  • After purchase, you send an email that includes some important details:
    • The attached image that you want us to digitally paint
    • The name of your pet
    • The breed of your pet
    • Yours or your pet’s instagram account
    • Your name and any special ideas you have for your product
  • Once the email has been received we will begin a dialogue with you in order to figure out exactly what your vision of the perfect digital painting is.
  • We maintain a degree of artistic freedom over the creation, however if you have some recommendations or concerns we are more than happy to work through them.

In any case that you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We absolutely love to learn more about our customers. We thrive on creating great working relationships.  This will help us grow into a more successful business and hopefully bring joy to more pet lovers like yourselves!